Over the past Twenty years, Red Trillium Press (Steven Daiber) has had the good fortune to work in printmaking studios in Hanoi, Vietnam and Havana, Cuba.

As a result, his first-hand knowledge of the United States and Cuba’s troubled and intertwined history empowers and contributes a sense of urgency and purpose to Steven Daiber’s work as an artist. The individual books and book collaborations with Cuban artists, created during and after visits to Cuba, tell stories of Cubans’ lived reality in the twenty-first century in juxtaposition to Daiber’s acute observations as an outsider contemplating individual Cubans caught in the politics between their nation and the United States.

The goal of these book projects has always been to share a perspective on lives viewed from the periphery, lives in which Red Trillium Press has been able, through fate, to begin to enter and engage.