Pequeñas Historias contados por mi


Artist’s Book, 2007, Edition 10, 8 x8″ Silk screen with digital printed cover,:   $100

I met Ycel at the Taller Porto Garra, Havana, Cuba in 2007 where she is an assistant to master printer Carlos del Gado. A recent graduate of the San Alejandro Art School she created Pequeñas Historias contadas por mi as part of her graduate thesis project. Pequeñas Historias contadas por mi is a moving narrative, laced with humor  and the biting wit of a young Cuban woman’s observation of life in Havana. The text is read with the images moving left to right, right to left and diagonally across the page.

To me, the most important thing is love. Since I laugh a lot people recognize me because of my teeth. Be careful with birdies because they get your clothes dirty and when we wash the clothes we could rip them. When women are horny they get pregnant because they have sex, then they want to kill their kids. When I sleep I use to get up at early morning and drink some water. I feel happy when I play. I like to be at home. 


Bibliotheca Libroum apud Artificem, Sydney, Australia

The Free Library of Philadelphia