2004    Edition of 7      7 x 36 ins.  Silkscreen on Mexican bark paper
Printer Planchet—Taller Seda, East Havana, Cuba

¡Viva Cuba Libre! is a three page pop-up book recognizing the revolution in Cuba.


This book speaks to the events during my 10-month visit in Cuba. The blue text is from the newspapers protesting Bush’s measures against Cuba in May 2004. The map of Cuba is supported by the Monument to the Revolution (as grand a monument as the Washington Monument).

The second panel with the cigars rising above the antique map attests to the tobacco farmers in the 1700s, who were the first to protest for workers rights. The cigars are also a source of black market income and I was often queried 10-20 times a day– Cohiba? Cohiba?

The last panel is a collage of newspapers and maps with Cuban flag rising from the beauty of the island.


Hass Family Arts Library, Yale University

Doheny Library -University of Southern California

Library University of Colorado- Boulder

Boston Public Library

Davidson Library, University of California: Santa Barbara

Skillman Library,Lafayette College