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Shopping in Cuba is limited to what is in the store. No online shopping is available- yet. The emails flow from friends on the island asking us to purchase household items, art supplies, and medicines for ailing family members, even rubber bands, Scotch tape or pencils, things we have in abundance here in the States.

The web book TV to Cuba chronicles a lighting strike in Havana, and efforts to go shopping in Cuba.


TV to Cuba production staff:

Jacob Hochberger – Audio interview and editor

Ryan Mc Gowan Kulas – Photoshop editing

Alfredo Prieto – Photography and interview

RJ Sakai – Web design

Katie Swanland – Fall 2012 intern, email editing

Jacqueline Hayden – Multimedia Consultant and photography

Copy write 2015

ISBN-13 978-0-9816044-7

ISBN-10 0-9816044-7-1

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