1998      Edition of 300      9 x 7″    Deluxe: $600; Standard: $100

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Speckled Troutby John Burroughs is richly illustrated by  Daiber with 43 pencil drawings, 2 watercolors of trout and a Birch bark collage.

Speckled Trout is 7 x 9 inches in an edition of 300 books, hand bound in a black walnut dyed paper with the text label in birch bark.

A deluxe edition of 30, hand bound in a handmade green paper with a birch bark label image of a trout, includes 3 original prints: 2 colored woodcuts of a brook trout printed from 5 blocks with additional hand coloring and and a map of the Beaverkill watershed in the Catskill Mountains.

The woodcuts are printed on Sekisho and bound into the book. The wood engraving of a fisherman is printed in dark green on Sekisho and tipped in. The deluxe edition comes in a clamshell box.


The trout is dark and obscure above, but behind this foil there are wondrous tints that reward the believing eye. Those that seek him in his wild remote haunts are quite sure to get the full force of the somber and uninviting aspects—the wet, the cold, the toil, the broken rest and the huge savage, uncompromising nature, etc. . . –John Burroughs

The newest artist-bookmaker, and surely one of the most original and unique, is Steven Daiber. . . a treasure for serious collectors.           –Nick Lyons, Lyons Publishing, New York, NY

Burroughs captures to perfection the true flavor of old-time roughing it, replete with clouds of black flies, spates of rain, trackless woods, cold nights, rough bark shelters, and literally bags of fresh-caught brookies. Daiber’s tough but delicate artwork enhances the account with haunting images so vivid you can almost smell the wood smoke . . . a slim, virile, handsome book no serious collector of angling literature should be without.       –Robert F. Jones

Wood cut prints from the book are also for sale.

Salvelinus fontinalis is printed damp on Arches cover in an edition of 70 with the first 31 with text from Speckled Trout for $100, the remainder at $65. The map is an edition of 120 on Guttenburg laid at $75.