White Pine: Pinus strobes, a noble tree, was first used by the British to construct their fleets during New England’s early history and later became essential in building a nation. Imagine a forest of White Pine over a hundred feet tall, each tree with a circumference exceeding twenty feet. With a canopy so thick and broad that it protects during a downpour. Imagine this forest four-hundred years ago with Pine, Hemlock, Elm and Chestnut– the ground undulating with fallen giants in decay and vigorous new growth. Nothing like to forests we see now, yet remnants of this history are scatted throughout New England.

“Daiber has metamorphosized the book by melding it with his 1990’s naturalist’s sensibility. Beautiful engravings illustrate the “glory” of imperialist romanticism and the out-dated maps show how much our world has changed. Daiber’s modest interventions act as poignant commentaries on what we have lost and the natural processes of death and decay.”

Mel Watkin On Beyond the Book, An Exhibition of Contemporary Artists’ Books, Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO 63103 November- December 1995

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