In the deluxe edition of Salty Memoirs: Adventures in Marine Science, Joanne Currier Daiber’s book, Views from the Distaff Side, and Dr. Daiber’s Birth Pangs and Growing Pains are bound “dos a dos” (back to back) in a single volume.

The covers are made from Spartina, a salt-marsh grass that was collected from the Canary Creek Marsh in Lewes by the Daibers’ eldest son, Steven, and his daughter, Lilly.

Embossed on the cover of Dr. Daiber’s Birth Pangs and Growing Pains (see left) is the mummichog, a fish common to Delaware tidal creeks, while Views from the Distaff Side features a species of copepod (a tiny crustacean) named after Mrs. Daiber. The embossments were designed by Steven Daiber.

The inside covers of the deluxe edition feature Steven Daiber’s colored woodcut prints of the Delaware Bay, fiddler crabs, and copepods.

The remaining interior of the deluxe edition is the same as the regular edition of the book. The text is enhanced by historical photographs from Dr. Daiber’s personal collection as well as illustrations by Steven Daiber.