Centro Habana has a population of 154,000 inhabitants and a floating population of 180,000 which makes it one of the most densely populated municipalities in the capital. The most critical districts are the Consejos Populares (People’s Councils) of Los Sitios and Colón.

These two socially depressed communities are characterized by overcrowding, deteriorated housing, environmental pollution and social dysfunction like prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, and high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

The workshop project started in 1997 at the Taller de montaje del Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño (Printing Workshop of the Visual and Graphic Arts Provincial Center) located at No. 563 Prado Street. A group of artists including: Francisco Manzanero, Julio Cesar Peña, Rafael Álvarez, Hugo Azcuy, Ariel Hernández, Antonio Canet, Noel Morera, Marilú Martínez, Magnolia More, Janet de la Osa, Enrique Miralles, among others, got together to produce their work and organize shows for the community.

In 2005 the workshop moved to the former Bayamo Movie Theater located at No. 163 Belascoain Street, in Centro Habana. In September 2008, the workshop moved yet again to Reina St. between Rayo and San Nicolas Streets.

In 2010 during a rainstorm the 18th century building collapsed with the roof falling through to the ground floor. While they did not loose any major equipment the collective dispersed shortly thereafter.




4 page accordion book                    8 x 156”    2010           Edition of 30                    $1200

Twelve Cuban artists: Geraldine Bimort Santana, María Antonia Mestril Altarriba, Janet de la Osa Caro, Sandra Rosa Austrich García, Magnolia Moré Abreu, Jesús Reyes Romeu, Ernesto Sargenton Riviaux, Roberto Hernández Rosabal, Roberto Morales Hernao, Enrique Rodríguez Muñoz, Fernando Ruiz Selgas, Luis Lamothe Duribe


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