Artistas: Steven Daiber and Hanoi Pérez

2019 17 x 12.5 x .5 inches

Papel: Dieu Donné Paper Mill saved for 30 years, interleafed with Yasuo and Kyoseishi for the cover paper.

Tipiographía: Lisa Carta, Florence, MA

Encuadernación: Steven Daiber

La edicíon consta de seis ejemplares con uno P/A.

Otoño is a celebration of a friendship founded in the 2006 over a silkscreen press in a Cuban print studio, and strengthen with a  passion for libros de artistas and many glasses of rum. Otoño was printed over three long days in October 2019 at Red Trillium Press using six screens, one stone, a section of a tree, 12 colors and 212 impressions.

In October 2019 Hanoi Perez visited with me in Western Massachusetts for the second time, with his first visit was in the spring of the year 2013. What a joy it was to share with Hanoi the New England fall foliage and bring together a series of images using paper that I’ve had squirreled away for over thirty years worry. While we worked, we talked of US politics, the environment, friendship and family.

Hanoi made the observation that Cuba is in the midst of a Civil War with Cubans against Cubans. Because of the US policies towards Cuba and strong anti-Castro Miami Cuban stance he believes that US Cuban support of the Republican party is a fight against individual Cubans on the island.

As we worked on this book the Trump administration was working to withstand an impeachment hearing. Of all the various global crisis the most important one is climate change. Hanoi mentioned as I printed my woodcuts that we were looking at life and death with his images evoking at the beauty of the natural world in the fall of the year and my hardline woodcuts evoke a more dire image.