Vaya Cuba: A Black Panther’s quest to Freedom

As Bill Brent sat in his dark musty jail cell in Cuba, he thought coming to Cuba might have been a mistake. Bill Brent, a member of the Black Panthers was a fugitive running for his life. He risked over 70 lives hijacking a plane and shooting two policemen, which almost cost them their lives and his. Everyone who knows about the Black Panther Party knows the names of Eldridge Clever and Huey Newton. But not everyone knows the story of Bill Brent.

This 6 x 9 inch  chap book written by Lilly Daiber for an 8th grade assignment tells the story of meeting William Brent in May 2006 at his home in Havana, Cuba when she was in 6th grade. William Brent, a Black Panther activist, hijacked a plane to Havana to escape prosecution in the 1970. In Cuba he lived life as an educator and scholar of Cuban slavery, dying in 2006.



Cuban Heritage Collection, Richter Library, University of Miami

Perkins Library-Duke University

Free Library of Philadelphia

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Newark Public Library

Cover design- Lilly Daiber

ISBN            978-0-9816044-2-8   0-9816044-2-0