1996    Edition of 5    Each panel 9.5 x 12″, overall 12 x 57″     $3000

Lillian is an accordion book with six panels. The first and last panels are woodcuts drawn from illustration of Marcello Malpighi’s Anatome Plantarum. The panels inbetween the woodcuts are four color Xerox collages of the medical records of the artist’s daughter’s gestation. On the verso are six watercolors of plants found in the fields and woods of Western New England. Overlaying one watercolor is a section of topographic map locating a stand of old growth forest in Western Massachusetts.

Collections: Beinecke Library – Yale University; Morris Library-University of Delaware; Neilson Library -Smith College

Exhibitions: Science and the Artist Book, Smithsonian Libraries, 1995- 1996