2010-2011    Edition of 10.     $1500

 9 5/8″ x 78″ – Lithography and woodcut on a Cuban Atlas.
Essay by Norberto Marrero Pírez,  Translated by Yudania Monés.
Printed at the Taller Experimental de Gráfica, Havana.

In 2010 while working in the Taller Experimental de la Gráfica, I overprinted the 1979 Atlas of Cuba, a volume published for the twentieth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution incorporating antique images found on lithographic stones at the Taller. These found images are a record of both the advertising and the tobacco industry in Cuba at the turn of the twentieth century.

The pages of the accordion book are attached with hinges printed from the Mambi tobacco label celebrating the Cuban Calvary of the 1898 War for Independence (Spanish American War) along with images from Christmas wrapping paper– snow covered trees and all. On the verso, the pages are printed with the soles of shoes found abandoned on city streets.

It is neither the bather clinging to the sand, nor the sun radiating tons of silence. It is not even the wind enveloping everything with its ravenous caresses. It is perhaps the night in which, gagged by the stillness of the stars, that very bather clinging to the sand drinks from a slow and dark stream.

Everything is less painful; any defeat is easier to bear within silence. And since all bearable things are eternal, so is the dream of that bather clinging to the sand, his eyes examining the horizon, relishing the calmness of the waters, once again before the immensity of his dream.

Norberto Marrero Pírez


Mexican American & Iberian Collections, Green Library, Stanford University