La huella múltiple (The Multiple Imprint) is a unique visual event that explores the ‘work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction; (Walter Benjamin, 1935), not limited to traditional printmaking, but including photography, performance art, and installations. More that 80 Cuban artists, representing different generations and genres, work as a collective, using innovative technologies and ideas to criticize and reflect on art and life.

Thus far, four major exhibitions have been held in Havana, Cuba (1996-2006) and one in Austin, Texas, USA (2001). The artists curate and finance the event with the support of diverse Cuban and foreign institutions, such as the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC).

La huella múltiple  is contantly improving by adapting to new esthetics in the international art world as well as the vagaries of the Cuban national context. By proposing strategies in the present, Cuban artists dream the utopia of the future.

Founders and/or curatiors: Ibrahim Miranda, Sandra Ramos, Abel Barroso, and Belkis Ayón.

From: Cuban Artists’ Books and Prints 1985-2008


This portfolio was created for the tenth anniversary 2006 to coincide with the printmaking exhibition during the Havana biennial. 57 artists participated and Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda wrote the introductory essay.

Edition 131/150

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