Poblacôn Flotante                 2013      Edition of 3 19 x 114 inches silkscreen       $2000

With the creation of Poblacôn Flotante Janette take a look at the tourists who come from other countries to view Cuba- ‘ to see it before it changes’.

“My work stems from an exploration into Cuba’s daily life, people’s reactions to shortages of material and vital spaces, and intergenerational frustrations.

I am interested in representing social relations, and poking into our way of living which goes back and forth from past to present, as well as into our cyclical approach of time and our constant search for alternative solutions to survival. My work reveals not only the collective mental state of individuals that goes from oppression to evasion of reality but also their amazing resourcefulness and their lifesaving sense of humor. Somehow I register my life experience, convinced that my comments express universal worries. “Infinite is the smallest piece of the world,” said Nietzsche.”        Janette Brossard


Lafayette College Library