Bound as two palm leaf books that ponder the complexity of Cuba. Each book is created with 14 paper cigars and bound with 2 cords. Hecho a Mano en Cuba contains printed and collaged maps of Cuba and found paper ephemera. Each cigar has its own historical ring, bearing the images of 19th century European monarchs, US corporations, or rings made from AAA road maps with printing from the original tobacco lithography stones. The books are housed in a box reminiscent of a cigar box. It is covered with handmade paper and  printed with a collage of tobacco leaves and a woodcut matrix for the cigar shape of the book pages. On the lid of the box a recessed map of Cuba and inside is a lithograph collage of Cuban tobacco images on a U.S. AAA roadmap.

Woodcut with lithography from original stones printed at Taller Experimental De Grafica, Havana, Cuba
Printers Yordanis Garcia DeLeado, Guillermo Vantour Garcia
Edition of 4.  Open book: 7” x 21”   Box: 7.5” x 3.5” x 1.25”