Haciendo Presión                  2013      Edition of 8           12.5 x 9 x 60 inches                                               $1800

“Haciendo presión” (“Putting Pressure”) is an independent project conceived by a group of Cuban artists whose creative work has demonstrated for nearly fifteen years printmaking remains a powerful artistic medium within the island’s contemporary art scene.

The groups first action took place during the 11th edition of Havana’s International Art Biennial with a collective show at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress. Their second action is this book that more fully defines their comprehensive vision by putting pressure on social issues.

 “Haciendo presión” refers to those actions taken by individuals and groups marginalized or stigmatized by society either to survive or to liberate themselves from oppression. Whether advocating for gender values, ethnic and gay rights or the right to a political choice, their goal is to exert pressure to advance their human rights.

Their new book’s discourse focuses on this phenomenon while reaffirming the worth of Printmaking as a visual art language. Graphic production involves a great deal of physical pressure–the pressure to work under economic constraints, the pressure of the act of creation, the pressure of coping with an underrated medium.  More than enough reason for the creation of this joint ACTION! “Haciendo Presión” is an expression that demands continuous action, permanent struggle and necessary challenge.          Janette Brossard Duharte


Alaska García Sosa, Anyelmaidelin Calzadillo Fernandez, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Janette Brossard Duarte, Norberto Marrero Pírez, Orlando Montalbán Rodriguez Lyudmila Lopez Dominguez, Alejandro Saenz Ramos, Octavio Irving Hernández, Eduardo Levy Herrera

View the exhibition at 11th Havana International Art Biennial  at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, here.

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