Ha Noi Is My Love, is a 12-artist collaboration celebrating the 1000-year anniversary of Ha Noi in 2010. This project was conceived at the end of the Fine Arts Book Workshop and fabricated the week of Dec. 8 -15 at the Ha Noi Contemporary Fine Arts Center, of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association.

Created and bound at the Contemporary Fine Arts Center, Hanoi, Vietnam
2008     8.5 x 8.5 x 123″

The primary workshop during my visit to Vietnam was a four day book arts workshop at the Contemporary Fine Arts Center, Hanoi, with 13 Vietnamese printers, painters, and graphic designers This workshop was the first experience these artists had with the idea of the book as art and the craft of constructing book structures. In this workshop, the basic principles and tools of bookbinding were explain along with brief cultural history of the book. Through the workshop we debated the definition of artists books and contemporary online resources were shared.

The Kim Don Publishing House is a children’s book publisher where I was invited to give a two-day workshop. Vietnam has an ancient history of the book and respect for teaching. With this in mind we discussed the art of book making as an educational tool. This workshop explored 1-page origami books, structures to be made at a commercial level and the basic principles of paper engineering.

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Hass Family Arts Library, Yale University

Neilson Library, Smith College

The Contemporary Fine Arts Center, Hanoi