Silkscreen images printed by Carlos del Gado at the Taller Porto Garra, Havana, Cuba
Woodcuts printed by Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics, Hadley, MA
2006    Edition of 6    10 inches x 27 inches       sold out

El Mar is a whirlwind scroll of a Cuban geography book and the April 2006 Cuban newspaper Granma. Early in the month, Granma reported on the Cuban national baseball team’s return from the World Games. Later in April Granma celebrated the battle of Playa Giron–an ill-fated  invasion attempt by the United States known as the Bay of Pigs. Printed on the newspaper are woodcut images of fish found in the waters off Cuba. Contemporary images of ball players, street scenes, historical postcards, and the Black Panther William Brandt are silk screened over pages of Cuban geography.