Revolución de mariposas

2018    Edition of 5 with 1 artist proof. Linocut  7 x 50 inches open.    $1800

Essay translated by Roberto Garcia Suárez, Habana, Cuba

With these seven linocut pieces, I have tried to bring together my life experience from my birth in 1966—a decade of effervescent of the socialist model of the ‘New Man’—until today, by unveiling my dream of a ‘man’ more in consonance with our capabilities and our times.

The reiterated presence of this model of a superior man both physical and moral: virile, heroic, virtuous, atheist, and heterosexual throughout the whole revolutionary process, repressed, frustrated and incarcerated not only the other, but the ordinary human being in the pursuit of a utopian model that proved to be unattainable.

That is why the butterflies (symbol of fragility) fluttering around in frank communion with a skirted man is closer to my dream, a dream that I anticipate as fairer and more inclusionist of the other, of the diverse, and more in conformity with the identity of a new and truly revolutionary order: The Revolution of Butterflies.   Eduardo Hernández Santos


La Isla del los Machos Eternos / The Island of Perpetual Macho Men

2013   Edition of 3   Linocut  22.5cm x 28cm/ 9.75″x11″                 $1500

Essay translated by Roberto Garcia Suárez, Habana, Cuba

These macho man arrived in the 21st century stranded in their own rigid laws, impoverished by immovable roles, and alienated by sectarian virile games – rubbing their balls was a favorite reaffirmation of their masculinity.

Eduardo Hernández Santos – the first Cuban artist to present the male nude for exhibition and whose work has been heavily censored over the past 20 years – is best known for his photographs of Cuban men. In his previous book El Muro, he documented the Cuban transgendered community along the Malecón. Trained in printmaking and a professor at San Alejandro Academy and Art for over two decades, he’s taught many of the young contemporary printmakers in Cuba.

In 2011 Eduardo returned to printmaking for the first time since the 1990’s with a series of lithographs and now with these new books: La Isla del los machos Eternos and Revolución de mariposas. Cutting a lyrical line with his prints, Eduardo reconnoiters the machismo culture of Cuba with biting sarcasm.