Fractured bodies adorn the spaces that Eduardo Hernández Santos creates in his work. For over 35 years, the search for identity has resonated as one of his main themes. Beginning in the 1980’s, “Génesis y apocalipsis” provides an early view into Hernández’s exploration of identity as a gay Cuban artist.

Eduardo Hernández Santos – the first Cuban artist to present the male nude for exhibition and whose work has been heavily censored over the past 20 years – is best known for his photographic and mixed media collages, most notably Corpus-Frágile (2002), El Muro (2005), Strong (2005), and Palabras (2006-07).

Eduardo Hernández Santos lives and works in Havana, where he is professor of drawing and printmaking at Academia Nacional de Artes Plásticas, “San Alejandro”. His work is in collections in the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Spain, and Cuba.


Collage series 2007

As part of a collaborative series Poder, La espera y Privacidad (Power, The Wait and Privacy) Hernández contributes his photo collages exploring each of these themes.  The composition of bodies interchange with photographs, intaglio etchings, glass, metal and pasted words compose compelling observation on the frailty of the human body takes on the form of the human body.  Hernandez contorts limbs, obscure faces in context to each particular theme. As seen in this series and other photo collages; obscured faces shy away from the camera, while at the same time Hernández allows the human body to be powerful just as much as it is vulnerable. You can view other works in this collection here.


Casos y Cosas de Casa, 2010- 2012

These lithographs were made in the printmaking studio at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana are in a series entitled, Cases and Things from the Home, and are the result of my personal experience of living in the city of Havana in a poor neighborhood called (Centro Habana) where the grotesque takes over all spaces. In this series the titles are important to access the words in Reggaeton songs and the everyday language of the street. The words speak of violence, gender marginalization, social alienation and the ruthless struggle for survival. These works reflect the uncertainty and loss of ethical values ​​that is a large sector of Cuban society that are projected through irony, mockery and aggressiveness.

Eduardo Hernández Santos


Books by Eduardo are El muro and La isla del los machos eternos.

Additional information and portfolios from the 1980’s- present are here.

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