Donde esta el Cristal?                                                                                               


2019    104 x 10 inches open. Edition of 4 and 1 artist proof, with each edition unique. Silkscreen on 1978 Atlas de Cuban pages.

Donde esta el Cristal was first printed in the June heat of 2019 at the Taller de Serigrafía René Portocarrero, Havana, Cuba on the 1978 Atlas de Cuba. The text was added later at Red Trillium Press.

Pamphlet bound with Kyoseishi Sora as a cover paper.

I arrived on May 27 to the José Marti national Airport as always. Noticeable the moment I walked out of the airport was the lack of old American cars. I did not see an American car parking lot, where were they?

Donde estas el Crystal reflects the current atmosphere in Havana with the withdraw of US tourism and other measures by the Trump administration to eliminate opening of the US – Cuban relations during the Obama administration. Hace mucho calor! “This is a difficult time it may be as bad as the special period.” “We stood in line for four hours waiting for chicken, then there was no chicken.” In these moments I wasn’t sure whether the people were talking about the temperature or their frustrations.


Anonymous sources.

There are laws of political as well as physical gravitation. . . US Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, April 1823

Holy mother!!!!!! What fault do those of us who have relatives waiting for interviews after so many years have?????? My God, this waiting has not been easy. When you talk about immigration visas, that’s not a one-day process!!!!! Holy God, don’t do this to us!!!!!!

Anisley Menéndez wrote in a post in Spanish. Nora Gámez Torres, Cubans who want to visit the U.S. now face more difficult and expensive hurdles. Miami Herald October 05, 2017

Tipiographía: Lisa Carta, Florence, MA

Serigrafía: Steven Daiber and Jessica Vázquez Quintana