Silkscreen on found Cuban geography text printed at the Taller Nelson Dominguez, Havana, Cuba.

Printer:    Hanoi Perez
2006        Edition of 6    12.5 x 70 inches, 31.75 x 177.8cm      $2000: last copy available

In the spring of 2006 I returned to Havana for six weeks, to find a continued battle of media between the US Interest Section and the Cuban Government.

The US Interest Section had installed window-sized LED signs across a top floor of the building in an effort to inform the Cuban peoples of current events as they traveled along the Malecon.

The Cuban government quickly raised 50 flagpoles each with a black flag and a single white star, effectively blocking the signage. What one views instead is a group of majestic black flags blowing in the breeze with a flickering red light behind them; the colors of the Communist party and the Revolution.

Division Politico is an 8-page accordion book made from a 1980’s Cuban atlas with images of the flags silk-screened on the pages.


Doheny Library – University of Southern California

Langson Library – University of California, Irvine

Mexican American & Iberian Collections, Green Library, Stanford University

Contemporary Fine Arts Center – Hanoi, Vietnam

Private collection