I first met Adislén Reyes in 2007 one year after she had graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Art.

When she showed me her thesis projectthe book Plegable, I saw a smart young feminist influenced by contemporary media culture, plying the waters of relationships, sexuality, and identity with wit, humor and more than a little kitsch.

She was unable to participate in Poder the first book in the trilogy. With Privacidad I knew I wanted her image bound into the cover and hidden from view. A small challenge- who wants their work not to be seen?  We spent a couple of hours discussing the concept and she created tight private moment for the book.

In January 2013, she showed me her second book Explosion Roja. Twelve months- twelve unique books. To date Adislén has created 5 Explosion Roja months. January and October are available. October is a loving explosion of red fall leaves- one of my favorite months in New England.

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  • Pleg-1

Edition of 40, Silkscreen 2006   9 ¾ x 33 ½ inches          $800


Mortimer Rare Book Room, Smith College

Walker Gallery of Art

Green Library, Stanford University

Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh

Explosión Rojo

“Explosión Roja”

Ella permanece impecable

Solo que a nadie se le ocurra cruzarse en su camino

Pues ha de terminar manchándose,

Ella es como esos animales que te hipnotizan

Para Luego lanzarte el veneno,

Te atrae para devorarte después.


El ruido de la explosión no le molesta

De su interior viene,

Es el grito de su cuerpo,

Alarido que se transforma en melodía armoniosa,

Es un fuego artificial que estalla,

Develando con el estruendo

Formas sorprendentes.


2013      27 x 9 inches Silkscreen   Series of 12/ 1 for each month of the year  $900

Explosión Roja is an artist book with 12 unique books. The number of books is allegoric of the twelve months of the year, thus establishing the analogy at the same time with women’s period.

Each book becomes a unique piece of work with the change of the motives recreated by the supposed “red burst”, which, in the form of a collage, search for the particularities in the midst of a generality, in this case, by the silk screen process.


Eberly Family Special Collections Library , The Pennsylvania State University

Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh