2013              Linocut, Edition of 7, with 1 artist proof. 12.5 inches Diameter x 1 inch, 32 cm D x 2cm   $2000

Proyecto Locatarsis: Chucho Romeu, Roberto Morales and Ernesto Sargenton

In 2010 twelve self-taught Cuban artists created a collective Proyecto Taller and published their first book Sexualidad. After the literal collapse of their studio in the fall of 2011 three members formed a new collective in 2012: Proyecto Locatarsis.

Orbitá is their first publication. It is an amazing first book given what I know about their work environment or lack there of. Orbital ‘s images rotate on the page, windows open to new views and the bi-lingual text is hand cut from linoleum.

Supplemental to Orbitá is a portfolio of their work bound into the book.


 Production Photographs