La anunciación           2014    5 x 4.5. 75 ins              Wire bound photographs        $700

La anunciación proposes a brief visual review of an alleged state of waiting for birth of the nation.

A Ganda          2016    13.5 x 10 x .75 ins.                                                                  $1800

Silkscreen, acrylic, digital print and synthetic leather

A Ganda, was a rhinoceros that drowned and died at the bottom of the ocean. It was immortalized by Albrecht Dürer in one of his most famous prints

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    Escápula Alada    7 x 57 ins. open Edition 2/3     Digital images with illumination     $600

     My work responds to a personal interpretation of artistic research about the history of my life. The surgery I was submitted to when I was four years old became the center of my interest. The collection of documents, facts, and all kinds of records, as well as the medical history and X-ray tests has allowed me to develop some proposals which belong more in a symbolic field than in a documentary-historical one.

    The mark is a key content for me, that is why graphics has been a very important means within my work.


Mareas            2016    10 x 4.25 x 1.25 ins Gyotaku, escamas de pez y collage

Mareas is a compilation Gyotaku prints. They are sardines caught by the artist, and printed manually on paper. Mareas is a reflective exercise that explores the relationship of the hunter with his prey. The case binding is created with fish scales.

Collection: Newark Public Library

Sin Fin              2017                47 x 5.5 x 1 ins.         Photopolymer etching, digital photographs

This book, which is much more than just a work of art, represents the process of the realization of a work of art. It is a series of engravings made using the photopolymer technique and is illuminated with colored pencil. The cover of the book is composed of the matrices and tarlatan (material used to remove excess ink); inside are the prints and some stencils that I use in my work. The design of the book is based on the concept of the infinite, because I believe the creative process of an artist never ends.

Collection:   Skillman Library, Lafayette College


“Hanoi Pérez reminds us of the Icarus we carry inside. His wish is to escape from his body, the prison that protects and tortures him. His art is born of a corporal and intimate awareness of the body as both the extension and the limit of his pain. The references to himself are constant, based on a medical history of X-ray plates, and echocardiogram tests which he reverts into physical and psychological traumas. An expert engraver and screen print artist, Hanoi appeals to Pop art language to turn his personal story into something iconic. The images repeat themselves in each series, melt into themselves, or insert themselves on top of the other in an expressionistic mosaic full of apprehensions. Each detail is a pathway through the autobiographical narration, the distressing beat of the alternative that in art reaches the level of a liberating catharsis.”

From Cuba; Contemporary Art, 2012