Luis Lamothe Duribe

Posted on Oct 8, 2020
Luis Lamothe Duribe

July 27, 1965- September 25, 2020 On Friday evening September 25, 2020 printmaking in Cuba lost a kind and gentle soul. Luis Lamothe Duribe was a keen observer of the Cuban society. As a self-taught artist he shared his passion for printmaking and Cuban life through a series of print shops that were born of […]

Printmaking in Havana

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

Report from Havana: Printmaking and the “State of the Art” By Steven Daiber, October 5, 2019 Thirteen years after its final exhibition, La huella múltiple continues to influence younger printmakers in Cuba. The collective Haciendo presión and the Taller Experimental de Gráfica create opportunities for exhibitions and dialogue. Cuban print artists struggle with supplies, equipment, […]

Three book arts exhibits in Havana this summer

Posted on Aug 7, 2018

Creadores cubanos y sus libros en el arte The contemporary art historian Carina Pino Santos has reviewed three book arts exhibitions in Havana, Cuba for Periódico Cubarte . Creadores cubanos y sus libros en el arte explores the work of Falvia Fuentes at the Librería Fayad Jamís, at the Biblioteca Nacional José Martí is a […]

Roiling Habana

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

In March 2016 we had the good luck to witness a historic moment in Havana- Obama’s visit and the Rolling Stones. Now almost two year later after a few house projects the consumed the summers of 2016 and 2017 and a death defying illness (neither of which where much fun) and with the help of a […]

TV to Cuba, a digital story for the New Year

Posted on Jan 1, 2016

TV to Cuba Shopping in Cuba is limited to what is in the store. No online shopping is available- yet. The emails flow from friends on the island asking us to purchase household items, art supplies, and medicines for ailing family members, even rubber bands, Scotch tape or pencils, things we have in abundance here […]

A new look for the website.

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

Rebuilding a website is similar to restoring an old house. The foundation needs shoring up, new additions attached to the structure, windows added and mistakes are made and learned from. NO dust, dirt, or the whine of saws, and no country music. I’ve got a great contractor RJ Sakai, who has stabilized the site, making it run […]

Successful invasion Cuban printmakers.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013
Successful invasion Cuban printmakers.

This has been a marvelous fall with visiting Cuban printmakers and book artists: Ibrahim Miranda, Jaime Rodriguez (Jaime’s prints are in the foreground), Janette Brossard, Norberto Marrero and Hanoi Perez. None of us imagined last January (let alone 10 years ago) they would ever have the possibility to visit Red Trillium Press.

Introducing Mireidys Garcia: fall 2013 intern

Posted on Oct 23, 2013
Introducing Mireidys Garcia: fall 2013 intern

    Born in Cuba & raised in Miami, FL within close proximity of my Hispanic roots, I’ve lived taking that immersion for granted. However, since having moved to the valley to attend Hampshire College where I’m in my 4th year studying creative writing and cultural studies, I’ve found myself searching for hints of the […]

An invasion of Cuban printmakers and book artists to RTP.

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

 Janette Brossard and Norberto Morrero arrive in Boston on September 14 where their exhibition Cuba: Printed Stories is on view at the Multicultural Arts Center, 41 2nd St., E. Cambridge, MA with a reception on the 19th at 6pm. Please join us on Sept. 24 at 5 pm at Red Trillium Press to welcome Janette […]

Unbound: An exhibition in three chapters

Posted on Apr 27, 2012

Saw box is currently on display in Halifax, NS Dalhousie Art Gallery, curated by Peter Dykhuis 16 March to 6 May 2012 Chapter 1 One of a Kind: Unique Artist’s Books Curated by Heide Hatry Chapter 2 Books as Visual Objects Doug Buebe, Robert Kelly, Michael Maranda, Susan Mills Curated by Peter Dykhuis Chapter 3 John Murchie: […]