Introducing Mireidys Garcia: fall 2013 intern

Posted on Oct 23, 2013
Introducing Mireidys Garcia: fall 2013 intern




Born in Cuba & raised in Miami, FL within close proximity of my Hispanic roots, I’ve lived taking that immersion for granted. However, since having moved to the valley to attend Hampshire College where I’m in my 4th year studying creative writing and cultural studies, I’ve found myself searching for hints of the Cuban tints that colored my upbringing.

Red Trillium Press’ call for a fall Intern incorporated my passions for writing, the book as an art form, and collaboration. A writer of fiction, memoir, and poetry, my Division III project will be a multi-genre piece encompassing the personal stories and multifaceted identities of various peers whose families have migrated to the U.S. The second part will involve creating artist’s books with excerpts of that piece. These books will be a physical representation of each interviewee and their individual story. Being surrounded by Cuban artists and their work has not been only  a way to sooth my nostalgia for home but also, to fuel my knowledge of book arts and Cuba.

One of the things I enjoy most interning at RTP is the story that comes with the opening of each book. This is to say, not only the literal stories printed inside of these, but also, the backstories that Steve shares with me about their making and the artists that make them. I am constantly learning something new or being reminded of something old, yet important, about life in Cuba and the lack of resources and therefore, abundance of creativity there. I am reminded how vital process is to the art form and how much we can learn from the process of making, as artists and collaborators.

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