Suenos de la Bienal

I wish I could be at the 11th Havana Biennial this May. Instead, I am here in Western Mass dreaming of art in Cuba. The theme for the Biennial this year is: ‘Artistic Practices and the Social Imaginary’. Cuban Art News has couple of great articles about the 115 invited artists and 10 curatorial projects on view during the biennial.

The Biennial is a wonderful experience to see Cuban art all over the city and often some of the best exhibitions receive little attention. I have asked my friends and collaborators to share their projects and exhibitions during the Havana Biennial. Suenos de la Biennial is a series of infrequent letters announcing these projects and exhibitions

Paulina Márquez sent me a recent email about Artistas por la Barrio, a 4-day action, May 17- 20 with 70 artists working in the neighborhood of the Municipio Plaza de la Revolución at Ermita y San Pedro streets. This community surrounds the Plaza of the Revolution. For those who have not been to been to Havana the Plaza of the Revolution is on a high hill over looking the city where all the major rallies take place. There is grand tower similar stature to the Washington Monument in DC in the center of the plaza.

Curated and organized by Paulina Márquez and Salomé Garcia, Artistas por la Barrio plans to bring art into the community through workshops in paper mache, digital photography, alternative printmaking techniques, creating murals and music and theater events.

Seventy artists working in a community far from the center of the biennial activities should be an event worth seeing.

Some of my friends involved with Artistas por la Barrio include: Luis Lamothe, Orlando Montalván, Julio Cesar Peña, Alejandro Saínz, Aliosky García, Jeannette Brossard, Norberto Marrero, Yamilis Brito. All these artists have  worked with on the RTP book collaborations and  you can see their art on the Mis Amigos page and RTP Flickr pages.

Paulina Márquez can contacted by e-mail at or and telephone  535 2581179

Here is 17 page pdf file from Paulina. ARTISTAS POR EL BARRIO

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