50th anniversary of the Cuban Embargo

It is hard to imagine the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Embargo / Blockade by signed by John Kennedy arrived this week on February 3rd. The Center for Democracy in the Americas gives us a brief history and helps conceptualize the complexity of a truly strange policy that belongs buried with the dinosaurs.

Janette Brossard’s poignant 12 etchings Time is Caged give us an understanding of  la lucha (the struggle) for all Cubans.

TIME IS CAGED AND INDEFINITELY MOVING AMONG TWELVE WORDS defines a Cuban’s perception of time, a reality where past and present are juxtaposed. The year is presented as a constantly repeating unit, each month characterized by a specific situation. This work represents an insular chronicle, where human beings are immerse in a repetitive non-linear cycle. The calendar does not belong to a specific year, but to every and all years. That time does not move is a sensation permeating every person living on this stressful and oppressive island.

Janette  Brossard Duharte     Havana, Cuba

Los aguafuertes originales se imprimieron en 2001. El tamaño de edición es 10

76 x 56 cm, 30 x 22 pulgadas

Original etchings were printed in 2001. Edition size is 10

76 x 56 cm, 30 x 22 inches



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