A few years ago, when I was 27 and I left for Europe for the first time, I discovered  the Internet; YouTube, and all the rest. There from YouTube I began to studied the different binding techniques, downloading multiple videos and tutorials on how to bind a book. On my return to Cuba, I studied those videos and, little by little, I started learning the art of binding, getting to be more enthusiastic about this noble process day after day. In Cuba I met other artists who were also fond of binding, and we started sharing knowledge, videos, and binding techniques.

Quiero morir dé repento    2016         Edition 3       12 x 10 x .5 ins     $500

Alugún dia         2017         unique                4 x 3 x .75 ins.             $500

Maldita Tinta cubriando todo      2014         edition 3   12 x 10.25 x .5 ins.     $2000

Algunos descates y otras descargas      2017 Unique   woodcut     19.75 x 13.75 x 1.5 ins.   $3000

Algunos descates y otras descargas is a compilation of all those extraneous prints, low in ink, workshop samples and prints which are made to eliminate the ink from the matrix at the end of the printing process.