La Isla del los Machos Eternos / The Island of Perpetual Macho Men

Linocut    2013   Edition of 3    22.5cm x 28cm/ 9.75″x11″                 $1200

Essay translated by Roberto Garcia Suárez, Habana, Cuba

These macho man arrived in the 21st century stranded in their own rigid laws, impoverished by immovable roles, and alienated by sectarian virile games – rubbing their balls was a favorite reaffirmation of their masculinity.

Eduardo Hernández Santos – the first Cuban artist to present the male nude for exhibition and whose work has been heavily censored over the past 20 years – is best known for his photographs of Cuban men. In his previous book El Muro, he documented the Cuban transgendered community along the Malecón. Trained in printmaking and a professor at San Alejandro Academy and Art for over two decades, he’s taught many of the young contemporary printmakers in Cuba.

During the last three years, he has returned to printmaking for the first time since the 90’s with a series of lithographs and now with this new book: La Isla del los machos Eternos. Cutting a lyrical line in his prints, Eduardo reconnoiters the machismo culture of Cuba with biting sarcasm.