I first met Adislén Reyes in 2007 one year after she had graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Art.

When she showed me her thesis projectthe book Plegable, I saw a smart young feminist influenced by contemporary media culture, plying the waters of relationships, sexuality, and identity with wit, humor and more than a little kitsch.

She was unable to participate in Poder the first book in the trilogy. With Privacidad I knew I wanted her image bound into the cover and hidden from view. A small challenge- who wants their work not to be seen?  We spent a couple of hours discussing the concept and she created tight private moment for the book.

In January 2013, she showed me her second book Explosion Roja. Twelve months- twelve unique books. To date Adislén has created 5 Explosion Roja months.  October is a loving explosion of red fall leaves- one of my favorite months in New England.

  • Pleg-2
  • Pleg-1

Edition of 40, Silkscreen 2006   9 ¾ x 33 ½ inches          $700


Smith College Art Museum; Mortimer Rare Book Room and Neilson Library, Smith College

Mexican American & Iberian Collections, Green Library, Stanford University

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis