El que vive de ilusiones muere de desengaño



El que vive de ilusiones muere de desengaño. He who lives with illusions dies of disenchantement. 2015 34 x 13 ins open, 13 x 4 ins closed. Whirlwind binding, silkscreen on found paper and blue Kyoseishi Sora paper. Edition of 6 with 1 AP. A collaboration with Cubans ages 12 to 77.

Since December 17, 2014 we have witnessed an improvement in dialog between Cuba and the USA. Returning to Havana in January 2015 this new dialog has been the point of discussion with every Cuban I have spoken with. For this new book I asked over 20 Cubans to answer two questions. What are your expectations for the future? Do you have any concerns with how the US and Cuba can work together?

The binding and final printing of the text and translations are currently being completed at Red Trillium Press.