La Acera/ The Sidewalk



La acera 2007- 2015, silkscreen,  18.8 x 88.5 inches Edition of 10

La Acera is a is a walking map of Havana recording the daily lives of Red Trillium Press living in Havana for over 14 years. La Acera was printed on pages of Atlas National de Cuba in 2007 and again in 2011. The silkscreen map Havana is accompanied by an essay of each member of the artist’s family describing their experiences in La Habana.

The pages of La acera are from a 1979 Cuban atlas. The first screen-printing was completed in 2007 and the second printing in 2011. Carlos del Gado at the Taller de Serigrafia Porto Carrero, Havana, Cuba, completed the silkscreen printing.