Abel Sierra-Cuban ethographer in NYC

AbelSierraFlier poster Abel Columbia Abel has written 2 essays for Red Trillium Press, first in El muro and this spring for the book of librtas- 51 families. He is here in Western Mass. at Hampshire College teaching and researching. This week he is in New York city presenting a couple of lectures at Columbia on […]

Sugar: Maria Magdalena Compos Pons

Currently also on view at the Smith College Art Museum in Northampton, MA is Maria Magdalena Compos Pons exhibit: Sugar. http://www.smith.edu/artmuseum/exhibitions/sugar/ Her installation of African spears, chairs and pressed sugar is reminiscent of the sugar cane fields of her childhood home in Mantanza, Cuba. Her performance Friday night Nov. 12 was thoughtful, sad and painful. […]

Queloides: at the Mattress Factory

There are few Cuba related exhibits here on the East Coast that are worth seeing. The first exhibit is Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburg is not to be miss- I saw this exhibition at the Wilfredo Lam Center in Havana this spring. It is amazing! I […]

Teaching in Venezula

Two of my friends from Cuba are now teaching in Venezuela. Samuel Riera and Anyelmaidelin Calzadilla are printmaking professors at the San Alejandro Academy of Art in Havana. This spring they were sent to Venezuela to teach and work in Caracus. I have asked that they occasionally send me a few photos of their work […]

Janette Brossard’s exhibition

Janette lives with her husband and daughter in Byamo a small very Cuban beach town an hour outside Havana. By  calling Byamo Cuban I imply that there are very few Yumas  enjoying beach. Janette’s work continues her social observation of life around her. Here looks at the hoards that escape the heat of the city […]

New prints by Eduardo Hernández Santos

Dear friends, Just a short note to give you a little taste of a new lithographic series I am currently working on.It’s a black and white series though some pieces will be colored using litho crayon and tush. Each colored lithograph will be a unique piece. The theme is the grotesque of every day life. […]

Finished binding the Libretas

I have finished the boxes and binding the second group of libretas today. As you can see there is an ironic humor that I found in these little books. The lower book reads: “Felisidadas Mujeres”. Now comes the hard work of placing these in the proper collection.

Ball and Chain

This week I have been working on the binding of the second book of Cienquenta Un (51 Families, 51 years). Most of the libretas are worn but in good shape and my rule of thumb is to use them as is- no repairs to the structure. The ones in worst shape have been repaired with […]

Ibrahim Miranda’s prints in LA

World Maps opens June 12 at Couturier gallery in L. A. A very good opportunity to see Ibrahim’s prints. Ibrahim and I share a passion for maps and mapping location. His work asks many questions for the viewer. Least of all – Where are we?

Book Power! opens in Portland, OR

Laura Russell at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland OR has put together an amazing exhibition BookPower!  Artist Books Addressing Our Social, Political and Environmental World June 3, – June 26, 2010. Red Trillium Press is represented with our latest collaborations from Havana. For those of us who are not able to travel to Portland there […]