From the White House Blog- Travel to Cuba

The White House blog posted yesterday on the changes says this about academic programs:
Facilitate educational exchanges by:  allowing accredited institutions of higher education to sponsor travel to Cuba for course work for academic credit under a general license; allowing students to participate through academic institutions other than their own; and facilitating instructor support to include support from adjunct and part-time staff.
Modify requirements for licensing academic exchanges to require that the proposed course of study be accepted for academic credit toward their undergraduate or graduate degree (rather than regulating the length of the academic exchange in Cuba).
Allow specifically licensed academic institutions to sponsor or cosponsor academic seminars, conferences, and workshops related to Cuba and allow faculty, staff, and students to attend.

The changes to the OFAC regulations must first be published in the Federal Register, which may happen in the next couple of weeks. After that there is a two-month “public comment” period before the regulations can take effect. The changes therefore will not become effective until March or April at earliest.

This is an executive decision, not a legislative one.

The full text of the change has not been released yet. We will see it in the next two weeks.

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