Red Trillium Press: Now on Amazon

Maybe I’ve jumped into the deep abyss- but I have stories to tell and books to sell.

Who has a larger presence on the Internet? I use Amazon as shopping tool and have decided to join them.   Red Trillium Press has listed three books on Amazon: Speckled Trout by John Burroughs, a delightful essay on fishing and camping published in 1998. Vaya Cuba by Lilly Daiber on her meeting a Black Panther in Cuba and El muro by Eduardo Hernández Santos- a photo essay on the Cuban LGBT community.

El muro and Speckled Trout are on sale through the holidays. Camping & fishing to Cuban LGBT- where else are you going find such a broad range of gift possibilities?    Just go to Amazon, click on Books in the search window and type in Red Trillium Press and you’ll the books listed.

Please consider a review- I need all stars I can collect.

This spring Red Trillium Press is publishing a Cuban alphabet book and series of etchings about life on the island.   Thanks!!   Steve Daiber

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