Carlos Estevez at The Evan Lurie Gallery, Carmel IN- November 2010

Carmel, IN – November 6, 2010 – Cuban artist Carlos Estévez will bring his conceptual schematics outlining his epistemological voyage of life to the walls of the Evan Lurie Gallery in November. With an artist reception and over a dozen new pieces scheduled to be exhibited, Estévez will open his solo show with a body of work that for him defines the state of a passage towards understanding life and aptly named “Peregrinaje” (Pilgrimage).
Carlos Estévez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1969 and educated at Havana’s Instituto Superior de Arte. Very much the philosopher, and a student of hermetic literature, his work creates a glimpse into what some have called “the anthropological comprehension of human nature.” In this newest show, “Peregrinaje” (Pilgrimage), Estévez’s chosen exhibit name is itself not an accident but instead very much a design. As a “pilgrimage” is by definition a journey to a sacred place, the choice to use that as the title for his show builds an atmosphere of expectation. In fact, Estévez defines the pilgrimage as more of spiritual journey where “reality is just a reference; information that becomes letters and symbols of an existential alphabet where we get the instruments to write our comments about life.”
Estévez describes each show of his career as chapters from his personal book of life. While some of his previous shows (or chapters) have carried titles like “Oblivion” and “Observatorium”, in this chapter the viewer catches a glimpse of his more idealistic side. “For me the human universe is so fascinating that it never stops amazing me. The world is the theater where we are actors and spectators at the same time. We observe the universe and we are an active part of it; and even more interesting, we have the capacity of thinking and dreaming. Through this door we can reach the unreachable; we can fly to faraway places and create our own universe different of somebody else. In that inner universe everything is possible.”
Through his use of oils and pencil work on canvas, Estévez achieves a narrative that come across to the viewer through his philosophical visions in a near blueprint format, mathematical in his instruction on the sub conscience. If there is a pilgrimage to be made towards the sacred place of open questions concerning universal concepts – Estévez is the man who builds the theory and narrates it with mechanical precision.
The Evan Lurie Gallery is located at 30 West Main Street, Carmel, IN 46032 and doors will be open for the official event from 5:00 – 10:00 pm. The event and any lectures posted in the future are free of charge and open to the general public.

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