New prints by Eduardo Hernández Santos

Dear friends,
Just a short note to give you a little taste of a new lithographic series I am
currently working on.It’s a black and white series though some pieces will be 
colored using litho crayon and tush. Each colored lithograph will be a unique 
piece. The theme is the grotesque of every day life. I’m portraying real and 
imaginary characters while emphasizing facial and corporal elements.
The lager pieces will be 102 by 61 cm and the smallest ones 50 by 30 cm. 
I’m printing at San Alejandro Academy of Art and at ISA. I’m getting help 
from other artists and some ex students. As you can see I am leaving the
irregular margins of limestone slabs. I am really happy with the results so 
far but it’s a lot of work as you are all aware of. Grinding the stones alone 
is quite harsh but I wanted to come back to lithography. . .
Hope you don’t mind. Cheers, 


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