Ball and Chain

This week I have been working on the binding of the second book of Cienquenta Un (51 Families, 51 years). Most of the libretas are worn but in good shape and my rule of thumb is to use them as is- no repairs to the structure. The ones in worst shape have been repaired with the staples now carrying a patina of oxidation. One these libretas was so damaged as to be unusable for the book and I had tossed it aside weeks ago. On second look I realize the original owner had a bitter ironic humor. Carefully wrapping the cover of the libreta is an illustration of crawling baby with a ball and chain attached to one leg. I can only assume from names and dates a family of three, the father born in 1936, a daughter in 1959 and grandson in 1981. They lost the first libreta, and this one marked as a duplicate begins with the daily bread allocations on March 8, 2009. I’m going to repair this little book.

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